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test your slayage! congrats! you slay! let's be friends :) › Take goTest
Do you slay? seems like you know your gSm vocabulary, and btw you slay bestie › Take goTest
are you dumb dumb like the most of us <3 › Take goTest
Guessing the color of your cat Your cat is........... grey (and probably very fluffy). These cats love their cuddles and you can't move once the cat decided that you're a bed. › Take goTest
which aesthetic fits you? cottagecore! think: neutrals and pastels, lace and knitwear, florals, loose skirts, vintage silhouettes, rustic maximalism › Take goTest
Should you be Magday's friend? EH wtf you're no fun › Take goTest
Test your written English  A+ you did very well bestie, slay! › Take goTest
Does your bed still love you?? It's a bit difficult but don't loose hope! Just keep in mind that your bed has valid feelings and wants to be part of your life. Work together as a team and you will both be happy <3 › Take goTest
What is your stuffed animal thinking about you? Your stuffed animal likes you. So don't worry $ BUT it would appreciate more attention and cuddles. Take it in your arms tonight and keep it in a warm hug <3 › Take goTest
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