gSm Insider W10
10. March 2023 14:00
You're looking really good today! 

Hi! It's Friday again, and time for this week's recap! We have some fun things planned for the weekend, don't miss out on it! 

Don't forget the hidden goCode. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


Lots of love,

The goSupermodel Team  

This week's happenings
  • There is a new shop update today! The items are staying in the shop until 15.03.23.
  • Remember to submit your designs in the Junior Designer competition.
  • goSupermodels first group of SMAs will be revealed soon. Please welcome them with open hearts. 
  • Colourful look competition.
Weekend fun!

Is it true you'll meet your true love if you kiss a frog?  We're not sure, but you could try and see if it works?  Please let us know what happens.

You have until 12.03.23 02:00 CET to kiss all the frogs. 


Our 3 months anniversary is on Sunday! We have prepared a very special goCode for you. But you need to be on time if you want to claim the goCode!  You can claim this hidden () 3 months anniversary goCode between 15:00 CET and 16:00 CET Sunday 12.03.23. And here's a little sneak peek of the prize. Don't be late!