Development update!
22. December 2022 11:00
Development update!

Hello everyone!


It's been a week and a half since the relaunch, and it seem like we have finally managed to clear out the worst of the performance issues and fully enable HTTPS. 

Next we'll be addressing other serious issues such as the problems with image upload, the shop/auction, and the automated tasks than ensures that greetings and pinballs are sent correctly and that superstar rankins are updated.

It hasn't been the smooth, unproblematic launch that we hoped for (when is it ever? ) but you have carried through the worst of it with patience and understanding, which is immensely appreciated by everyone in our team. 

We hope that you will continue to have patience with us while we continue to bugfix and polish - we will have everything properly restored in the end.


And speaking of restoring, we're back to testing a certain game. It's a pretty tough one - is it even possible to get to level 2?!


Until next time, 

The goSupermodel team