gSm Insider W9
3. March 2023 14:00

And besides being the best day of the week, it is also time for this week's recap.


  • New shop updates went live on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Magazines finally reunited with their covers
  • The JD-Competition is up and running
  • Our fashionista goSpecials posted a requesting forum

On thursday we reached 10k followers on our TikTok account, and it is all thanks to you guys!

Let's celebrate that by dressing up this weekend, maybe in items from the Oscars inspired collection?


We launched a new goTest on Thursday. Have you tried it yet? Participate in the fun here.


Before we wrap this up we want to you wish you all a great weekend, and a reminder to look for the hidden goCode.


Lots of love,

The goSupermodel Team