SPT Pearl outfit
1. July 2024 22:10
Update about Pearl items

Hi goSupermodels,

We would like to address the speculations that Spigg (Team Captain of the Designers) made the first Pearl outfit - she did indeed. 

Our task arrangement for SPT is that Pearl outfits have to be done by goDesigners or the gSm designer, not the Junior Designers. We first reached out to gDs who were missing one more task for last month, but it wasn’t possible to get it done in the time frame we had. Our gSm illustrator didn’t manage to finish all the tasks before going on vacation, so Spigg stepped in to finish some of the gSm illustrator tasks. This was not meant to be disrespectful to any of the JD’s/gD’s. 

We apologise for any confusion and hope you still love the outfit!


Enjoy SPT


goSupermodel team