14. June 2024 15:00
goStars on goSupermodel!

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We are very excited to bring back goStars, our special recognition to reward outstanding users on gSM who go above and beyond to make the gSm community shine. 


What are goStars?

GoStars are community celebrities on goSupermodel. They are the users who go above and beyond, achieve something exceptional within the community, contribute to the growth of gSm, and inspire others with their passion projects and dedication. 


Why bring back the goStars?

The gSm community thrives on the passion and creativity of its users. We want to recognize and credit users who stand out and bring something unique and valuable to the community and we believe it is important to give something back for their hard work. 


Who can be a goStar?

Everyone! While not everyone can be a goStar at once, anyone who contributes something exceptional to gSm can at one point be offered this special role of goStar. Considering the goStars are community celebrities, they do not represent goSupermodel in the way volunteers do. Background checks are less strict for goStars, however it is still imperative that they follow the rules. 


Most of the time we are very aware of the passion projects on goSupermodel and who we want to offer the goStar role, however we will also create a topic where you can suggest users who you think deserve to be recognized as goStars. After all, they are community celebrities. 


Users can receive the goStar role again after already receiving it once before, either if they continue with their passion projects for a longer period of time or if they have multiple exceptional feats. 


There are three different ways to shine:

Every goStar also has the opportunity to write a column in the Weekly Insider to talk about their project and share it with even more of our community. Collaborative and Private goStars can (if they want to) write a news post to share their passion and story with everyone and will have the opportunity to curate items and/or share something from the archive. 


If someone does something exceptional but does not fit into these categories, they may still be eligible to become a goStar. We are flexible and want to recognise all forms of amazing contributions. We always innovate and adapt the goStars based on community feedback and needs. 


When exactly are the goStars coming back?

We have a list of people we would like to recognize as goStars and we plan to build on that list with your recommendations for users who deserve the spotlight, so you can expect to see some new stars shining on goSupermodel during the summer!


We are very excited to celebrate the incredible talent and dedication within our community with the return of goStars and we hope you share our enthusiasm! 



GoStars are Back on goSupermodel!

  • Celebrating YOU: We are reintroducing goStars to recognize and reward outstanding community members who make gSm amazing.

  • Who's eligible? Anyone who makes exceptional contributions to the community, big or small.

  • Three Types of goStars:

    • One-Time goStars: Awarded for a single, awesome achievement.

    • Private goStars: Recognized for consistently bringing joy to others through independent projects.

    • Collaborative goStars: Celebrated for ongoing collaboration with gSm to create a better experience for everyone.

  • Rewards: GoStars receive recognition, goMoney bonuses, VIP memberships, and other unique opportunities.


Stay tuned for the first round of goStars in July!


Any questions you may have can be asked in this topic.