gSm Insider W23
10. June 2024 12:30
gSm Insider W23

Hi goSupermodels!

We don’t know about you, but for most of us the cold has come back and summer seems to be pushed out of the door. Let’s all hope for a bit more sunshine to come very soon.

Last Week's Happenings
  • We had a JD weekend by the amazing Nightwing.

  • The Inclusivity Group made a list of Pride Month book and film recommendations. On this topic you could join in on the conversation!

  • We had a pride shop drop by designers Mayu, Svettigkaktus and victoria.

  • We had a Pride Month goHunt, you can still try and find all the items! You have until the 12th 23:59 CEST.

  • We had a goSpecials auction with a summer outfit by gD Martine.

What's on this week?

Summer Party Tour

While we are celebrating Pride, we are also preparing the biggest Summer Party Tour ever on goSupermodel.

What does that mean? It means brace yourself for not only 5 but 7 weeks of SPT passport collecting, fun and games all starting on July 1st.

We are going to take you on a tour around the world, to exciting places and some of the world's most fabulous fashion capitals. It's going to be the best summer ever to be on goSupermodel!


Fun fact! 

This pretty black corset that Nightwing designed as part of their JD weekend collection was the best selling item last week. It's a must have piece, we love it!



With love,



Ps. Be on the lookout for an exciting shop drop today!