Want to see something unique?
27. May 2024 16:45
New shop collection just dropped...

...and so will your jaw when you see the incredibly detailed, quirky, fun and totally breathtaking outfits that came to life, based on the moodboards from the Harajuku competition. 

We just love that we get to bring you such cool and unique fashion based on the vision of our users through these curated shop drops, we hope you love it too, even if you didn't win this time.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations again to the 5 fabulous winners.

Check it out! Moodboard to final design.
















What's next?

Next moodboard competition we are planning, will be linked to the colors and diversity of Pride 

Keep your eyes out - the competition will be launched during June and who knows, maybe you are one of the lucky ones to get their vision turned into a shop outfit