Rori update
21. December 2022 14:45
Rori update

Hello my lovelies,


It still feels surreal to be back on goSupermodel, taking part in forums, shopping old time favorite items, dressing up again and getting to see so many models online.  A few years ago, all this was just a distant dream but now it is real and it is a true pinch me moment. 


I wanted to give you an update on everyone´s beloved topic - the items. As you have noticed the shop has been updated last week with some true vintage gem items that just bring so much nostalgia back. Since we are starting with a clean slate, the shop is being updated every week with a bigger number of items at every given time in order to build up an inventory and give you more possibilities for creating the looks. So keep your eyes out for a next update, hint hint it will be coming soon.  The current items will be in the shop until the beginning of the year.


And now an update on the VIP items. At the moment we are experiencing some issues with sending the items. The items will be sent out to all the VIPs at the end of the month. Even if you are not a VIP at the end of the month but you were VIP at some point during the month of December you will receive the item that you were supposed to get. We are truly sorry for this and we are working on fixing it. Thanks for your understanding.