VIP outfit selection
5. May 2024 15:32
VIP outfit selection May 


The first Monday of May is almost here and we still haven't shared the outfits to be selected, which probably makes everyone wonder what happened. We had an idea to bring back some of the amazing competition outfits that were on goSupermodel 2.0 to select from but it turned out to be a bit more challening than expected and took a bit more time than planned. We also didn't want to divide some of the competition outfits since we can only have 4 items per VIP outfit in May. We wanted to try some new things and as always we learn and improve upon it for the upcoming months. Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate it.


We are finally ready to present the 3 looks you can choose from. Since it is a bit time sensitive, the voting will be open until the 11pm tonight.


Huge thanks to our amazing volunteers who helped with the selection. 


1. Gala



2. Edgy

3. Boho chic


Please make sure you vote here


Thank you!

With love,