gSm Insider W17
29. April 2024 15:30
gSm Insider W17

Hi goSupermodels!

We hope everyone has had a great weekend. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more! Although, some of us still had really cold days, so let’s hope for warmer days while summer is edging closer!

Last week’s happenings
  • We had a book related archive shop drop this past week. The items are last chance today, get them while you can!

  • We had a three day book event, we hope everyone had a great time.

  • The new Junior Designers have received their badges! We can’t wait to see the items they’ll create for us.


What's on this week?
  • The new Junior Designers will make their debut in the shop later today! Go take a look at what they're wearing! 

  • We hope you love green, as there is a celebration coming up this week for the Focus Group’s one year anniversary!

  • We are now testing Backstage Rush Multiplayer internally, fixing bugs, brushing it up, and getting it ready for release!

  • The voting process for the VIP outfit for May is coming up. They will consist of last year’s unlocked competition outfits. More information soon!


With love,