New JDs shop update
29. April 2024 19:15
Dream Outfits by the newest JD's!

It's time to run to the shop...

...because our newest Junior Designers, Terzo, haavsalt, Tjili, Hastings, Priestley, LinaSophie, St4rlet and goblinbazooka, have just released their first outfits as JDs in the newest shop update. The shop update features the eight looks that were made by our newest generation of JDs in the final round of the JD competition. 

The looks are very diverse in theme, because the final round has given them the opportunity to create their own dream outfit. We asked our newest additions to the team on background information about their design, and without further ado, we would like to give them the word in the box below. 

The new JDs about their Dream Outfits

(left to right: Priestley, haavsalt, Hastings, goblinbazooka)


Hiii, my name is Julie and I'm a 28 year old woman from Norway. I love drawing, making jewelry and hiking. I also love my little dog Luna, which I included in my 90s punk design for the semi finale. 

My dream design started as a thought of making items I would like to see more of on the site. I landed on knight boots, jewels and peacocks. I love contrasting old and new, so these items gave me the idea to make a knight inspired design with a modern street style-esq look. As this was the JD finale I also wanted to challenge myself and include a lot of different materials and textures, and so I made fur, metal, gems, velvet, feathers and denim. 


My name is Anna, and I'm a 23 year old fulltime car-painter from Norway. My inspiration for my dream outfit was very cathedral/catholic symbolism inspired.  I'd say my aesthetic and preferences change almost daily, but the one thing that has stayed consistent is my love for the symbolism, architecture and creatures that have come out of Christianity. I am in no way religious, but angels and the pure dramatic beauty of churches and paintings have, as long as I can remember, truly captivated me. I really wanted to emulate that in my dream outfit as good as I can: with the stained glass corset, angel wings and the embellished dress-skirt.

In addition to above, I wanted my artstyle to be present. I feel like I accomplished that with especially the eyes and face, and I've gotten lots of positive feedback from people telling me how much they love the eyes <3!



Hey, I'm Hastings, a 26-year-old guy working with media and education who's all about celebrating cultural diversity and individual beauty through design. I have a background in design - character design and concept art in particular - and I love expression through style!
Amidst rural chores, scathing fashion magazine-reviewing and hearty conversations over red wine, inspiration struck! I wished for my design to be a mix of tradition and modern expressions, something that represented me and what I hold so dear in my own artistic endeavors. The result was a mix of contemporary, chic elegance and cultural heritage. I drew inspiration from Mongolian, Tibetan, Sami, Chinese and Indian garments and wear, combined with more a more modern visage from high fashion brands, where silk, furs, leather and thick woolen fabrics were at the core. The tiger is a nod to my previous design work here on the site, and just a sweet little friend for you to bring along on your fashion adventures! 
If you wish to learn more about the process, inspiration and history of my design, I wrote about it in this topic.



Hi! I'm Maria, a 26 year old freelance artist and animator from Denmark :^). Some of the things I love are nature, old things, design, art, D&D, mythology, dreams, cat videos, and my partner.

About my dream outfit, I loved getting a chance to be super self-indulgent and explore themes, shapes, and materials I'm interested in rn! I was inspired by my current love for medieval/fairytale aesthetics, spirals, colored tights, poofy and flowy sleeves, and I wanted to try my hand at painting velvet. The unicorn was an old concept that I wanted to give a second chance, especially since it fit the theme I chose perfectly. Also snuck in a hint of a tiger that keeps showing up in my dreams. I poured a lot of love into it, and I hope u like it<3

(left to right: LinaSophie, Tjili, Terzo, St4rlet)

Hey! My name is Lina and I’m a 25 year old cat mom living in northern Germany. Besides studying art and special education I like to do a lot of artsy and crafty stuff in my free time like crocheting, making jewelry, working with clay, painting and doing digital art. 

Creative practices were always a big part of my life and something that brought me joy and lightness even during tougher times. When I thought about my dream outfit I wanted to do something that was fun to work on and reflects other parts of my life that bring me joy and excitement. In many ways this year feels like the year of country music for me and with Cowboy Carter coming out I was inspired to do something that’s reflects this newfound interest of mine. I always have a lot of fun working with contrasting textures, so denim and metal really felt right in the context of the theme and me find a great balance between country and glam.  I hope you will find as much joy in it as I had while I was designing it. <3



Hi! I’m Tjili – I’m 28 years old and from Denmark. I recently quit my job to pursue the scary freelancer life of an illustrator. I love design, art, gaming, interior design and thrift shopping!

I’m very inspired by sci-fi movies and comics in my daily work as an illustrator (e.g. Moebius) – and I wanted to make an outfit that resembled some far away civilisation. My dream outfit is therefore based on the idea of a celestial queen, with the robe-like coat and the rose scepter. I also played around with a specific colour scheme to make it feel more like a coherent concept.

For the materials and individual items, it was important for me to make some that was fun to layer with and to have a variety of textures and fabrics. Also, I realised how fun it was to design backgrounds! I had more freedom to play with composition and it honestly felt like doing a small separate illustration.



Howdy folks, there's a new sheriff in town! I'm Terzo, 26 year and from the Netherlands. I live together with my mom and two cats, but since November, I've been trainin’ a new addition—my service dog in the making!
My hobbies are cooking, drawing, reading, writing and D&D (though I sadly haven’t played in a while) When it comes to gaming, Baldur's Gate 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 hold a real special place in my heart.
This segues nicely into the theme of my Dream Outfit... Sooo, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that has completely stolen my heart. I've always been into the Frontier/Western themes and it surprised me that it took me so long to play this game, but once I got into it... I was sold. So picking my Dream Outfit was an easy choice, I just had to do something inspired by it. I wanted to go all the way with a background, horse, and of course a classic outfit. I really hope you like what I've made and I can't wait to create more for everyone!


Heyy, I'm St4rlet/ Dennis, a 24-year-old from Germany who loves to create stuff. 

My goal for my dream outfit was to create something that would bring me back to my favorite type of media I consumed as a teenager and I ended up going with a cyberpunk/sci-fi anime style. 
I was very inspired by series like Akira and Ghost in the shell and based my design on this distinct style (that's also how I ended up with my favorite part of it, the bike). I especially love playing with shapes and proportions and I had a fun time coming up with the silhouette and all of the details. It was very much a trust the process and the bunny helmet (originally some kind of glasses with ears attached) came together in the very end. 


Have fun shopping!

We hope you love their first shop drop as much as we do, and we can't wait to see what they, together with the rest of our amazing Junior Designer and goDesigner Team, have in store for us next!


The collection will leave the shop end of day on Sunday May 5th



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