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11. April 2024 14:00
Referral update!

The referral item for April

is this cool, flowing swimsuit - so if you refer your friends in April, maybe you'll get lucky and get to add this to your collection. 


Every month we draw up to 50 lucky winners of a special item from everyone who has referred new users, and earned Fashion Points within the past month(s).

Referral items will be sooo special as they are locked and can only be retrieved this way. 

Winners will be drawn around the first week of May. 


Let's grow our community together and be fashionably rewarded in the process!

- Start earning your Fashion Points today!

March referral winners:

March winners of the referral dress:

Thank you:

Cool.dus.niet, Bob, Camilla1007, Amaranth, Goddessia, kiesus, JuicyBratz, Noaa.,
Kiss_tany, fishnets, microwave egg, Blubatman

We appreciate each and every one of you for spreading the word about goSupermodel to everyone you know or anyone who lurks around your social media.  We hope you will love wearing this smart special item as a small token of our appreciation. 

 Remind me - what are Fashion Points?

Fashion points are a goSupermodel currency you can use to unlock incredible discounts on our payment page, or collect enough to snatch up products completely free of charge! 

Earning Fashion Points is simple enough! Refer your friends to goSupermodel and have them sign-up by through your own personal link, which you can find here. Every time people whom you have referred make a purchase (with actual money), you will receive a whopping 20% of what they spend as Fashion Points.