JD Competition Update
27. March 2024 18:00
  JD Competition Update

A few days ago we made a news post about lost comp submissions. We have followed up with everyone who reached out to us. in total, we have 2 new users who will be moving on to round 2 along with the 20 previously announced contestants. Those 2 contestants are:

Hastings & Amatsuba


We are very grateful to everyone who helped us helped us spread the word about the bug to their designer friends. All new submissions we got reported through the bug have been able to prove that they had tried to submit before the 1st round deadline. They have all then been judged based on the standards we judged all our other submissions on, which includes inspecting the items and doing background checks. 


There are some further changes to the schedule. The designers of round 2 will get 2 extra days to design rather than what was originally planned. The deadline now falls on Friday the 5th and the final results will be on Thursday the 11th.



 4th March


 Competition starts

 17th March  23.59 CET  Deadline for 1st round
 18th March    Judges start judging
 24th March  18.00 CET  Result of 1st round
 28th March    Round 2 starts
 5th April  23.59 CET  Deadline for 2nd round
 6th April    Judges start Judging
 11th April  18.00 CET  Final Results


Keep an eye out tomorrow as we officially start the second and final round :D