Cancer Research
22. March 2024 14:15
Daffodils to support Cancer Research

TW: Cancer

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Why is cancer research important?
Cancer is a group of diseases where cells in the body start growing in a way that isn’t normal. They can spread to other parts of the body. 

Globally, cancer is a significant problem and is one of the main reasons people die. There has been an estimation of 20 million new cases of cancer and 10 million deaths from cancer of all ages and backgrounds. 

Despite this challenge, there are glimmers of hope! Scientists and cancer researchers are working hard to understand cancer better and find better ways to treat it. 

Research is really important because it helps find cancer early, which makes it easier to treat. And with research, we can develop treatments that work better and have fewer side effects. While the battle against cancer is tough, the dedication of the people involved in research offers a beacon of hope. 

By supporting research, we're helping to give hope to everyone fighting cancer.


More about Cancer Research

  • Types of Cancer: Cancer is not just one disease; there are many types. Researchers study different types to find better treatments.

  • Prevention: Research helps identify things that can increase the risk of getting cancer. This helps us make choices to stay healthy.

  • Precision Medicine: This means treating cancer based on each person's unique needs. It helps make treatments more effective.

  • Immunotherapy: Scientists are working on treatments that help the body's immune system fight cancer.

  • Early Detection: Finding cancer early makes it easier to treat. Researchers are developing tests to find cancer sooner.

  • Clinical Trials: These are studies testing new treatments. They help find out if treatments are safe and work well.


By supporting cancer research, we're helping to give hope to everyone affected by cancer.


Daffodil Day

Cancer research is happening all over the world, and one example is Daffodil Day, which is observed in Ireland, Canada, Australia and other countries. 

In Ireland, they celebrate Daffodil Day on March 22nd, 2024, organized by The Irish Cancer Society. It's a day to show support, raise money for cancer research, prevention, and helping people with cancer.

Daffodil Day is special and a popular fundraiser because it uses the Daffodil flower as a symbol of hope against cancer. People come together to support each other and raise awareness about cancer by selling daffodils to raise funds for cancer research. 

While Daffodil Day is mainly in Ireland on March 22nd, similar events might happen in other countries on different dates and months. They all show the global effort to fight cancer and find better treatments for everyone affected.


  • Cancer is a big problem worldwide and causes lots of deaths.

  • Cancer research helps us learn more about cancer and how to treat it.

  • Research is important because it helps find cancer early and make treatments.

  • Research looks at ways to prevent cancer, find personalized treatments, use immunotherapy, detect cancer early, and test new treatments.

  • Daffodil Day started in Ireland and helps raise money for research and awareness about cancer. 

  • It uses the daffodil flower as a symbol of hope against cancer.

  • Similar events might happen in other countries to fight cancer together.

  • Supporting cancer research gives hope to people with cancer.


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