Day Against Islamophobia
15. March 2024 11:15
International Day Against Islamophobia

The unfair treatment and prejudice that Muslims face worldwide must stop. Recognizing that Islamophobia happens far too often in a world that strives for progress and inclusivity, the United Nations appointed March 15th as the International Day Against Islamophobia. Muslims all over the world face discrimination, violence and restrictions to their civic and religious freedom.


Christchurch mosque shootings

This day also remembers the Christchurch mosque shootings that happened exactly five years ago in New Zealand. It was a live streamed terrorist attack targeting two mosques, with over 50 people killed and another 40 people injured. The attack led to worldwide concerns about the rise of Islamophobia. But next to that, it also inspired copycats with the same racial motives. Attacks inspired by the Christchurch shootings have happened over the past years all over the world. 


The hate today

The hate against the Muslim community is concerning and the consequences are enormous, affecting individuals and families. On a daily level Muslims are being faced with discrimination, in work, education and housing, while being subjected to abuse, attacks and hate speech. A lot of governments around the world have taken steps to combat the hate, but we’re far from there yet. As long as we don’t respect each other, our rights as humans and the diversity of religions and beliefs, Islamophobia will stay the epidemic it currently is. 


Islamophobia is racism

Fighting against racism is a collective effort that involves everyone. It’s our shared responsibility. What can you do yourself starting today as an effort against Islamophobia? 


  • Learn about the Islam with the help of credible sources.
  • Consider the prejudices you (might) have against the Islam and Muslims. Make effort to spot and dismantle these stereotypes. 
  • Have conversations with people with an Islamic background to build understanding and respect towards each other. 
  • Speak out against Islamophobia whenever and wherever you see it.
  • Support voices by Muslims, instead of talking over or silencing them. 
  • Support initiatives, projects and organizations that promote inclusivity and diversity and fight against Islamophobia and other forms of racism. 



  • Today is International Day Against Islamophobia to address the rise of Islamophobia against Muslims worldwide.
  • It also is exactly five years ago that day of the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand happened, where over 50 people were killed and 40 injured. 
  • Also today, Muslims still face discrimination, violence and hate speech in their daily lives. 
  • To stand together against Islamophobia, we can:
  • Learn about Islam from reliable sources and challenge stereotypes.
  • Have respectful conversations with Muslims for understanding and respect towards each other. 
  • Speak out against Islamophobia. 
  • Advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and initiatives fighting against Islamophobia and racism.

We, the goSupermodel team, stand united against Islamophobia. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their background. We therefore hope that everyone joins us in wearing a something green today as a goSupermodel community statement against Islamophobia. 





The goSupermodel team