Rori's corner
7. February 2023 20:50
Rori's corner

Hello my lovelies, 


Happy Tuesday! Is everyone getting ready for Valentine's?  Are you planning on some special dinner place or are you cooking your favorite dish and making some of the cute Valentine's themed food?


That got me thinking about today's post. One of the very requested topic for Rori's corner was cuisine so let's talk all things food. 

When it comes to food if you ever tried my cooking you definitely wouldn't think of me as a master chef.  I admire people that are talented for cooking but I am not one of them. I won't stay hungry but people would definitely not leave my place thinking about the food I cooked or baked.  I love glamming up and going for a nice outing rather than cooking. 

Good restaurant with a great vibe is something I am always in the mood for. I am not a big foodie but I do love to try out different food and flavors. Being a very curious person every time there is a new place I am game for trying it out, especially when I travel. If I am in a new place/country I love to eat and try local food as well as visit a local supermarket and see what they have in stock, which products are characterisitic for that place. 

I will always be up for trying things even if it is a fugu fish that I had once in Japan, many years ago. It all ended up good.  Or a vegan hot dog in a purple bun made out of taro. I am a big fan of food trucks&street food as well as the Michelin star restraurants, and everything in between. One time we even flew across the country totally last minute just to dine at a special restaurant our friends secured a reservation at. 

Given that I have been vegan for many years now my daily food is mostly lots of different veggies and I like to keep it simple. Maybe also because I am a huge fan of hot sauces. There is a famous YouTube show Hot Ones that I love watching and I have subscription to their sauces as well. To call it as it is - I am just addicted to hot sauces.  My tolerance to spicy food is like my superpower.  I either bring my own hot sauce when dining out or ask for the hottest one. I love how it gives additional flavor and dimension to the food and also there are so many different ones that it is so much fun to try them out and check which one pairs the best. They can totally transform the dish. Fun fact, I have over 50+ hot sauces in my fridge at the moment.  


My favorite comfort food are french fries with BBQ sauce and vegan pizza but most days you can find me eating some baked veggies with a salad, mostly potato and hot sauces.  


How about you? Do you love cooking? What is your favorite dish? Do you stick to the familiar food when traveling or you like to be adventurous?

For the next week I would like to do Q&A. If you have any questions you would like me to answer please leave it in the forum and I will choose the ones that will be featured in the post. 


P.S. I have a surprise for you. Have you spotted 2 words in the text that stand out? Use them to get a fun treat.