Development update!
6. February 2023 13:05
Development update!

Hello everyone!


Our team has been incredibly busy this past week, working on requested features, fixing annoying bugs and ensuring the stability of the goSupermodel platform.

Here are some key points that have been implemented, and are now live:

  • The issue with layering JD hair has been fixed
  • The issue with pop-ups closing by themselves from the frontpage has been fixed
  • A 5% fee for auctions have been added
  • You now get a notification when someone quotes you in a forum post
  • Pronouns have been added to your account settings! These will show on your model pop-up, and will gradually be applied to relevant texts on goSupermodel (i.e. "What's on her mind" will change according to pronouns)
  • Nationality has been added to your account settings! The list of supported countries will be expanded, but for now only supports the old goSupermodel countries.

Currently in the works we have:

  • Expanding the new pronouns and nationality features
  • Better forum search
  • Additional cheat prevention methods and other internal tools

And coming up in the near future:

  • Something nice for the payment page (and you!)


Backstage rush is progressing nicely, but even just the single-player version won't be ready until after several weeks, still. More sneak-peeks will come will come as we get them. 


Kind regards,

The development team