Game development sneak peak
16. December 2022 15:45

Hi goSupermodels!  As you have probably noticed, goSupermodel is still a little unstable after being woken up from her year-long slumber.  We are currently working on making it more stable.  One of the things that seems to be giving us a hard time is the Sketzmo game, which we have now implementing some changes to. We know that this can be a major inconvenience, and we apologize - but it is in an effort to have goSupermodel be as a safe and stable as possible.  We want to share a little sneak peak of the early stage of the Wardrobe Challenge game production. We hope to share more news about this game as soon as possible. As for the other games it is too early to give any information other than we are in the planning phase of rebuilding them.

Lots of love, The goSupermodel Team