gSm Insider W5
3. February 2023 14:00
F-F-F-F-F-R-I, D-A-Y

Let the weekend begin! Or maybe you already started the weekend early?  Veiled in this message is a hidden goCode. Examine the message closely and you might find the clues. 


Lots of love,


Your goSupermodel team 

Blessed and well dressed
  • The shop was updated with Valentine's items on Thursday
  • New flags were added to the shop and will stay in the shop forever 


Here is a new Backstage Rush teaser for you... 

You sure know how to make our hearts beat

We have started the Valentine's celebration! Up until Valentine's Day we will be hosting competitions where you can win the iconic heart necklace. We are giving away all the five colors and the first color is PINK. 10 models and their friend will win the iconic pink heart necklace in this competition. Stay tuned for the next colors!