New shop update!
2. February 2023 14:00
It's all about love!

Hello my lovelies, 


February is here which means that the time has come to start rocking all the love inspired looks and spread only love and positive vibes on goSupemodel. 

I was so happy working on this shop update since these are some of my all time favorite Valentine's items.  I still remember the excitement when we got the wings the way I envisioned them, with the feathers that feel like they are moving.  It was quite a nostalgia filled day going through the items and remembering how much planning, attention to details and time went into production. And how happy we were with the final result. 


But that is not all, we have some super special JD items that are just exceptional. They are definitely collectors' pieces. I love their vibe and how whimsical they are.  


I am sure that you have noticed colorful flags that have been added to the shop. The flags are here to stay, they will be in the shop permanently. We will also work on having smaller sizes so that you always have an option depending on which outfit you decide to wear. 


In case you are wondering why there is a goCode hair in the shop, the reason is to give a chance to the users who couldn't be online the day that it was active to get it and add it to their wardrobe. This time it is available through shop which means it costs goMoney. We strive not to make anyone feel left out so if someone really wanted something from the goCode but they missed out on it, please keep your eyes open since it might come back to the shop at some point. 


Regarding these lovely Valentine's items they will be in the shop until the end of the day on the 15th of February.  And even though these items are staying in the shop a bit longer there will be a new shop update next week as well. 


Have fun shopping. I can't wait to see you slaying these items.