Game teaser anyone?
25. January 2023 11:00
Backstage Rush first sneak peek!

We know you are all excited and patiently waiting to hear more about the next game we are working on and we are super grateful for that.  Today we are thrilled to present you with a first sneak peek of Backstage Rush.


Backstage Rush is a complex game with many layers, you could say it's multiple games all in one, which is the reason it takes longer to restore.


But the developments are coming along and as you can see, some bits of the game are starting to look familiar - doesn't this bring back some fond memories y'all? 


We are excited to bring you more games and make it even more fun to play and earn goMoney. We don't have a launch date of Backstage Rush just yet, but we will keep you updated with the progress.


The goSupermodel Team

 Rori, goKat, SWM, Ailurah, goMila, Camzilla & Rokke