gSm insider W43
27. October 2023 16:30
gSm insider W43

The weekend is around the corner, do you have any fun Halloween plans? We hope you’re enjoying the Halloween events as much as we are!

This week's happenings
  • The admin team is incredibly busy reading all of the moderator applications, we are hoping to start sending out emails at the end of next week.

  • Emails have been sent out to people who have been selected for the Inclusivity Group, this selection is confidential until they will be announced on the website.

  • We have started the search for a new Focus Group Team Captain. You can find more information here.

  • We have had two shop updates, a vintage collection on Wednesday and a collection made by the talented Junior Designers on Thursday. Both collections are staying until the end of the day on the 31st of October. 

  • The Mega Halloween GoPack with lots of special Halloween archive items is active until the end of Saturday.

Development updates

  • You can now jump straight to a quoted post with a new implementation.

  • A new report type has been added to report racism, bigotry, and discrimination.


Halloween campaign update

Witches have taken the lead, but there's still time for the vampires to even the scores.

Make sure to join the spooktastic competitions the Focus Group is hosting over the weekend. Stay updated with the competition plan here.

Are you following the Looktober competition? A cool collab between Focus Group and SMAs. For 13 days you get a prompt of a theme to style your model with. Who will be the winners? You can join on Instagram or on-site. On Oct 31st post your 13 looks in a reel/post (insta) or magazine (gSm) to participate. Find the 13 prompts here.



If you're planning a trip to the forest this weekend, we suggest you pick a bunch of leaves and get creative. The SMA: gsm.updates is hosting a creative competition on instagram and you have until the 29th to place your entry, click here to participate.


From the Focus Group

As promised, the items from the HalloweenDesign (try entering that somewhere, live until Monday 14:00) competition made by myrkr, Eydna, Petrichor and Hastings went live today! Congratulations again and thank you all who participated in the competition, you truly made it hard to narrow down the winners! We hope you guys enjoy the beautiful designs!


Disclaimer: These items are not JD items and are not to be confused with JD items, due to the system limitations our only way to display a username below the item is to have a JD tag on the item as well. But we are working on fixing this for future reference. Thank you for your understanding.


Ace Awareness Week

This week is ace awareness week, and we want to highlight the user Odd Eye, who has been spreading awareness for the ace community here on gSm. In her club, she has posted several educational topics and it is a place for everyone to find or give support.


A word from Odd Eye.

Hi everyone, I'm Odd Eye, I'm someone who is passionate about raising awareness and educating people on the asexuality spectrum. I do most of this through the club I made called Understanding Asexuality. This week is Ace Week also known as Asexual Awareness Week! It's a week to celebrate and recognise the diversity of asexuality. It's also a time to educate the public about asexuality and build awareness. For this year's Ace Week, I wanted to organize something on gsm. In the past, I have asked what people would want to read about and the most common answer was personal experiences, so that's what I decided to do for this week! In the forum, you can currently find 6 personal stories of people on the ace spectrum and there are more to be posted, so look forward to that!


Black History Month Charity goPack

87 goPacks were sold for a total of €430.65. This amount was doubled by us, coming up to a total of €861.30 donated to the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation. Find the receipt here.



Lots of love