Wardrobe Challenge
22. January 2023 22:40
Earning limits on Wardrobe Challenge

Hello everyone,


Unfortunately the cheating in the wardrobe challenge game has become so widespread that we as of this moment have been forced to introduce daily earning limits to the game, in order to preserve the virtual economy on goSupermodel.

We feel that the limit (at time of writing it is 4.000 goMoney per day, but this may be adjusted as necessary) is reasonable, and it will not affect the majority of users. In fact, it will affect less than the top 3% of users who play the game.

This does not mean that we will stop looking for- or punishing cheaters. It is only a measure to limit the damage the cheating is causing - cheating remains a violation of our rules and will be dealt with as such, regardless of the means through which it is accomplished. This includes alts . If you have purchased software to assist you in cheating, we strongly advice that you seek a refund through whichever means are available to you.

In regards to missing rewards prior to now, these are in most cases the result of the iterative development of cheating countermeasures which, due to their nature, we have not been communicating openly about. Sharing details about our detection systems would be the same as giving the cheaters a blueprint for how to circumvent them.


We hope for your understanding in this matter, and that no further measures will be required.


Kind regards,

The goSupermodel team.