Guest Designer - Priestley
4. September 2023 16:45
Guest Designer - Priestley

We are starting this week with an exciting collaboration. We are proud to feature a shop update made by our Guest Designer - Priestley. Priestley won a Guest Designer collab during the JD competition and we couldn't be more excited to have her items in the shop. 


We asked Priestley to tell us a bit more about herself and the inspiration behind this capsule collection. 


Hello everyone! 

My name is Priestley, I'm 27 years old and I come from Norway. I love to draw, especially digital drawing. I actually started to first explore this hobby on gSm 1.0 when I discovered the designer tool on the website. After gSm came back I started to design again, and I got the opportunity to be a guest designer after participating in the JD competition earlier this year. 

This week I'm proud to present to you my very own collection; “Pearls & Silk”! I've been working on this collection for the last month and today it's finally in the shop. My idea behind the collection is very simple; I love pearls and I love silk, and I especially love the two materials together! _Especially_ pearls is something I've been kinda obsessed with lately, as one of my hobbies is making jewelry with freshwater pearls. They are just so beautiful! I wanna put pearls on everything, and today I'm putting pearls (and silk)  on models on goSupermodel! I hope you enjoy my collection.
Love Priestley 

Guest Designer collabs are special capsule collections where a Guest Designer gets creative freedom to feature items that best reflect their work. Hope you enjoyed this collab. The items will be in the shop until the end of the day on the 11th of September. 
Please note that at the moment there is a JD icon next to the item just because the tool doesn't have a Guest Designer icon and this was the only way to tag our talented user and give the credit for the items created. That being said our team is working on fixing this issue. Until then we want to extend our gratitude to our Guest Designer and our Junior Designers for their patience.