Important announcement!
14. January 2023 14:50
Regarding the Harry Potter collection


The Harry Potter inspired collection has raised a lot of concerns, and we would like to address those concerns.

The Harry Potter inspired collection is in no way to be connected to the author of Harry Potter and there is no reason for it to be taken as anything different than fan art of one magical universe. All funds from sales of our Harry Potter inspired collection will stay within goSupermodel, and will not go to the author of Harry Potter.


We want to highlight the fact that it is ok to love the Harry Potter movies, the actors in it and the universe it has become. You can do so, without supporting the author and her very harmful statements.

This also means that people have the same right to dislike the whole Harry Potter-franchise, and there is no point in diminishing them or their thoughts and feelings towards Harry Potter because of the author of the books.

Transphobia has no place on goSupermodel. GoSupermodel is a safe place for everyone who is here and we all need to contribute to this, so don't use this collection as a way to diminish people of the trans-communities feelings. We all need to be respectful of one another.


Let's keep loving and supporting each other and spreading only good vibes. 


Thank you! 


Your goSupermodel team