gSm Insider W2
13. January 2023 14:00
gSm Insider W2

Welcome to the W2 of gSm Insider. It is time for a recap of all the cool and important things happening on goSupermodel this week. 


On Thursday we have celebrated one month anniversary of goSupermodel being back.  How exciting. To honor that we had a special time-limited dresses in the shop for one day only and a goCode. But no worries that isn't the only shop update coming this week. Hint hint - make sure to log in tomorrow. 


We have also announced that we will start a competition for new Junior Desginers in a month and that everyone can apply. The rules will be the same for everyone regardless if you were Junior Designer before or not. 


And last but not the least, you can follow Rori's travel adventures this weekend on our Instagram @gsm_official


It has been another fun and happening week on goSupermodel and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


 The goSupermodel Team


 Rori, goKat, SWM, Manuscript, goMila, Camzilla & Rokke 

Important info about items 

We would like to address the concerns about the competition reward prizes ending up in the shop. We just want to clarify that it has never been stated that the reward items were exclusive which means that they can end up in the shop. Getting them as a competition prize means that you didn't have to buy them using the currency and also that you got them before everyone else. When the items are exclusive to the competition that will be announced. This also applies to goCodes as well.

All items that are obtained through the following perks will never ever be used again by goSupermodel: Rising Star, Elite, Legendary, Vintage, Snake Queen and Rori's perk outfit in the colors that they have been given out in. The other colors of the mentioned perks may become available only via promos or VIP at some point but that is not guaranteed. All the other perks may be used in the promo or VIP as well, but will never be made available through the goSupermodel shop. All the items will be tradeable between models.

The information and promise of perks have always been that the items might be possible to obtain in future, following the above-mentioned guidelines, via promos or VIP packs, but not as an shop-update. With that said, there is also a possibility that we never release them or that if we do it is years away. 

Development update
Let's first start with a very requested update.  We have replaced free picture upload in VIP pinball with double reward from games and that is not all we have also removed the message about someone removing you from their friend-list. You can always follow development updates on goSupermodel here.
Last week we have announced that we have started working on Backstage Rush game and we know that you are just as excited as we are to have it back. Given that the game is very complex please be patient. We are working as fast as possible but it will take some time. And we will make sure to keep you in the loop with how the development is going with some sneak peeks along the way.