Happy one month on gSm!
12. January 2023 13:55
Important update!

Hello my lovelies, 


Happy one month anniversary of goSupermodel!  How exciting.  It still feels surreal to log in and see so many models online.


I have prepared a special surprise for you in the shop today to celebrate such a nice milestone, but you need to be quick. It will be available until by the end of the day today.  


But that is not all. I am excited to give you an update on a very hot topic on goSupermodel – the Junior Designers. I am happy to announce that the plan is to have Junior Designers again, they have always been such an important part of goSupermodel and I look forward to working together on bringing some super cool, edgy and fun items to the shop. 


This time around we won’t be only having Junior Designers, we will be having Guest Designers meaning that you might win a competition to get your collection in the shop. And the last but not the least, since we love how creative our goSupermodel community is we want to give a chance to as many of you as possible to get your designs in the shop, which means that from time to time we will have goSupermodel Edits competition where you can submit your designs and the winning designs will be made into items for the shop. For the edits competition you don’t need to have Junior Designers skills, you will be able to just submit your drawing in any format that works the best for you and our illustrators will turn it into goSupermodel items that will be featured in the shop.


The same rules will still stay the same as before. Junior Designers will get their icon and they will get monthly reward and their designs featured under their name in the shop. The designs once submitted will become property of goSupermodel meaning that goSupermodel has the rights to distribute them in the way that we find the most fit for the items.


There will be rewards for the Guest Designers and the winners of the goSupermodel Edits competition in addition to getting their items featured in the shop.


The recruitment for new Junior Designers will start in a month. So not so long now my lovelies, excitement is real.