Addressing security concerns
11. January 2023 21:59
Addressing security concerns

In the past few days we have seen users raising concerns about the security on the site, and we would like to address those concerns here.

One concern is an assumption made by these users is that we store passwords un-encrypted. This is not true. Passwords are not stored in plain-text in either databases, backups or logs. Our systems have the capability to decrypt passwords for temporary use in services such as password recovery, or to ensure that they aren't shared.

Another concern is password case-insensitivity. This has been the standard for goSupermodel for most of its lifetime, for the sake of convenience. We agree that this is not ideal, and will change it in the near future. We therefore encourage you to make sure that you remember the correct casing for your password.

In regards to consent for processing/storing personal information such as email, as required by the GDPR, this consent is required in order to be able to sign up with a model on goSupermodel. If consent is not given, you cannot create a model. You can read more about what kind of personal data we collect, when we collect it and how it's used here: Privacy Policy

Finally, about using a different password on goSupermodel; You should. In fact, it would be prudent to use a different password on all services you use. It does happen from time to time that even big services have data leaks. By using different passwords, you can minimize the risk of others gaining access to your online accounts and services.


Stay safe, and enjoy goSupermodel! 

The goSupermodel team