Shop Surprise!
6. January 2023 11:30
Friday shop surprise!

Hello my lovelies, 


I had an idea to make this Friday more fun and happening so I updated the shop.  This drop is all about challening that inner teenage pop star  and slaying these nostalgia looks.


The items will be in the shop until the end of the day on Friday the 13th of January. Make sure you keep an eye out on the Last Chance ribbon so you don't miss out on your chance to add these vintage gems to your wardrobe. This also applies to other items in the shop, always keep an eye out for the last chance notification. Some of the items that were added in December will be leaving the shop next week so only a few days left to add them to your collection in case you didn't do it already. I know the pain of missing out on a chance to add favorite items to your wardrobe so just wanted to give you heads up. 


Have fun shopping.