GSM Insider W52
30. December 2022 14:00
GSM Insider W52         

Welcome to GSM Insider week 52.  This is the first of many weekly recaps of what has been going on throughout the past week...

Christmas started off with a BIG Christmas present; Wardrobe Challenge is back. We really hope you have been enjoying Wardrobe Challenge.  We also added some new words to Sketzmo. Rori dropped clues about her favorite Christmas movie, and made the right answer into a goCode. Talking about goCodes... We have hidden a goCode in this News post. Can you find it?   

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and holiday and we wish you a happy and exciting new year filled with joy!

Lots of love,

The goSupermodel Team 

 Rori, goKat, SWM, Manuscript, goMila, Camzilla & Rokke 


A few words from Rori
Skin colors, faces and eyes are coming back to the shop tomorrow and staying there forever. The rest of the items marked last chance are leaving the shop at midnight tonight to make more room for a new shop update next week. Stay tuned! 

The VIP items for the month of December will be sent out tomorrow 31.12.22.

The NYE collection is leaving the shop at midnight 02.01.23.
Development Update
Make sure you are checking the development updates posted here.
Here is a recap from the past week:
  • A fix for the notification times were made
  • The error message in Wardrobe Challenge were fixed
  • Buying gifts
  • Hover text for gamer perks
  • The menu in creative section
  • Improvements to Wardrobe Challenge score submissions
  • Changes to flying pigs (amount, frequency and rewards are unchanged)
  • Bugfix for profiles (disallow content outside the profile box)
  • Changes to internal tools
  • Security updates