So, you found your way here for some reason. 


I don't know what you wanna know.


I think too much and like to have deep, intellectual and meaningful conversations. Sometimes very abstract ones.


On gSm I like to style my model, comment funny nonsense to forums (and sometimes help out with relationship issues) and grind gM. Almost always ready to chat, so feel free to message me. Sometimes I'm very slow at answering back, but don't worry, I haven't forgot you!


Outside the gSm I probably have a real life or I'm playing PC games.


 I don't accept empty friend requests. Please write a bit who you are and why you would like to be my friend. I have bad gSm-name memory, so let me know as well if we have interacted before.


Bye now!




Btw, here's me:


x Relationship magazine part. 1 x

x Test if you're overly stressed x

x Lighthearted test if you're like me x