I'm Kasuma/Axel,

so nice to meet ya!

I'm 26 years old
from Finland and I've
a cat named Kurama..

My hobbies are gaming,
drawing, and mindless
lurking lol.

I love things
which are related
to paranormal and
other mythical stuff!

I've started my
journey in Art's of Cosplay.
So anime is also something
which I'm interested in.
For example Clannad,
Naruto and Digimon
are close to my heart!

About video games,
I'm addicted to
the Dragon Age -series...
I do play Valheim, Stardew
Valley, Phasmophobia,
Sims, Animal Crossing
New Horizon, Pokémon,
Minecraft and as well
some other games.

Here is something about
my quilty pleasures:
I do write fanfics of
the games sometimes..