"When u first start talking to someone and u act all proper bc u ain't sure when u can start being weird"
























My music taste 2023 you can see in picture so yes Billie was the one. FFDP is my love forever because it was "gateband" to the heavy metal and rock genre. If 

I have to say few more fav bands whose would be In Flames and Ghost. I also love screaming Cheek songs with my man in car..


Pc games, should we give a little moment for those?

I'm beginner what comes to playing, because I got my gaming pc in this year September. Games that I have played more than few hours are Subnautica and right now I'm obsessed with Palia! I would like to meet some ppl who wanna play something together so dm me if you are interested and I can give to you my Discort name.












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Thanks for visit, see ya byeee ♥  





Heyaa 26 yo finnish girlie here. You can mostly see me on (buy, sell and trade) forums trying to catch some wishlist items and keeping others topics alive. + BINGOS ARE FUN.


I have a nice job, man- and home, so all good.

I waste a lot of my time with computer, but sometimes when I'm brave I might go to the walking or gym, or do somehting else what normal ppl do. I do like spongebob.. and unicorns. Mmmwwahhhhhhh x


You can come talk to me anytime and if u need something I will help!! ♥


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