Hi! Welcome and enjoy this little stay! My name's Nat. I have been an active roleplayer on gsm 1.0 but currently enjoying the trading community right now. Not trying to get the biggest wardrobe but just appreciating the items as they come and having my own little shop. 


In real life I am a content creator for a campaign agency in Amsterdam. I have two of the best bosses ever and it's literally the best job I could ask for. I have also been promoted to medior last year so super grateful for that!

24 hours in a day are not enough for me to do everything I want to do, which are: writing, going to the gym, gaming (I play a lot of games single player and mulitplayer), editing fandom videos, drawing & more. 

Since january I revived my account because I got a severe anxiety attack back in october and needed to leave the site asap. I am better now and missed some aspects of the game therefore wanted to return. 

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