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What latte are you? You’re a hazelnut latte! Are you a grandma? Joke (not really). You’re an old soul, and you most likely enjoy to spend your evenings indoors, drinking tea or coffee with a good book. Good for you! (Ps: A little fresh air won’t hurt you). › Take goTest
Will your model get deleted one day? There isn't a high chance of you getting deleted, but you might wanna read the rules to make sure you know what you can and can't do lol › Take goTest
are you annoying at parties you’re not annoying at all let’s go to the bathroom and Rush! iykyk › Take goTest
Are you born to be a moderator? Maybe just go chill?? I know I will now<3 › Take goTest
Which Disney princess are you? You're most like Mulan: Your greatest value is honor. You're a strong leader, and you don't mind breaking the rules to prove it. You will do whatever it takes to save the day, and your family and friends appreciate you for it. › Take goTest
which gsm era are you Superpass gsm: when we had to pay to play. Not a lot of people did, but the few that did loved gsm (and had parents willing to pay... or were adults already) › Take goTest
Finland test 100% Finn › Take goTest
Are you a clown? You are most certainly a clown. You may need to hold back some of your entertainment because you are supposed to be a Supermodel! › Take goTest
Gossip girl You are gossip girl number 1 fan! Congratulations › Take goTest
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› which aesthetic fits you? answer questions and i'll tell you what your vibe is › Take goTest