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Entertainment → Concerts 2023
rammstein in may yay
Everything else → monster energy OR redbull
redbull ofc
Everything else → I need about 150 PROFILE
Friends and guestbooks → Send 1 of the 3 models
Buy, sell and trade → Yellow heart glasses 3 gm/1h
Friends and guestbooks → add one of the 3 above you
Buy, sell and trade → selling dias cheap
i could buy 25 dias <33
Buy, sell and trade → (S) gold tiktok comp t-shirt
Friends and guestbooks → memsimems trustforum
traded gm for diamonds, everything went smoothly
Buy, sell and trade → SELLING 1 dia = 80 gm!
i could buy 20 <3
Friends and guestbooks → Send one of the three models
Friends and guestbooks → Send one of the three models
Everything else → iconic finnish usernames MASTE
icxrus wrote:
I like this one
omg thank youuu <333
Buy, sell and trade → Selling Diamonds!
i could buy 20 diamonds <33
Friends and guestbooks → Add 1 of the 3 models above
Friends and guestbooks → Add 1 of the 3 models above
Your ideas → Collection info beforehand!!!
Friends and guestbooks → [x] Are you like Avrora?
[x] 21 years old
[x] Finnish
[x] female
[] cancer (the zodiac)
[x] INFP
[] currently a student
[] ...of Business Information Technology
[] 165 cm tall
[] dyed hair
[] and it's currently purple... ish
[x] has to wear glasses
[/] the oldest sibling
[x] single
[] queer
[x] lives alone

[x] introvert
[x] still quite social though
[x] hates being the center of attention
[x] awkward af
[x] ...but will not shut up once comfortable
[x] has the attention span of a puppy
[x] emotional
[x] cries easily
[x] procrastinates a lot
[x] has low self-esteem
[x] indecisive
[x] but also impulsive
[x] competitive
[x] can't stick to routines
[x] always late

[] poledancing <3
[/] reading
[] ...mostly fantasy
[x] ...and romance
[] ...often the spicy kind
[] writing
[] baking
[x] going to concerts/festivals
[] singing
[] ...specifically alone at home where no one can hear

FAVE BOOKS (... or series)
[] honestly anything written by ali hazelwood
[] or sarah j maas
[] book lovers (emily henry)
[] the ex talk (rachel lynn solomon)
[] half bad (sally green)
[] the wolves of mercy falls (maggie stiefvater)
[] the selection (kiera cass)
[] shatter me (tahereh mafi)
[] the folk of the air (holly black)
[] the hunger games (suzanne collins)

[] black veil brides
[] backstreet boys
[] avenged sevenfold
[] halsey
[] antti tuisku <3
[] samu haber
[] blind channel
[] apocalyptica
[] nightwish

[] mamma mia!
[] the greatest showman
[] enchanted
[] burlesque
[] spirit: stallion of the cimarron
[] tangled
[] the hunchback of notre dame
[] the hunger games
[x] me before you
[] the prince of egypt

[] game of thrones
[] the mentalist
[] supernatural
[] voltron: legendary defender
[] heartstopper
[] outlander
[] peaky blinders
[] merlin
[] the bachelor
[] survivor

[x] chips
[x] pineapple on pizza
[] dragons
[x] tattoos (got none sadly)
[x] enemies-to-lovers trope
[] hunger games simulators here in gsm <3
[x] scented candles
[x] painting my own nails
[] fanfiction
[x] board games

[x] doing the dishes
[x] spiders
[x] pretty much all bugs in general tbh
[x] close-minded people
[] beer
[x] chocolate ice cream
[x] early mornings
[] spicy food (just cant handle it)
[] horror
[] small talk

Everything else → INTERNATIONAL woman's day <3
Bumblebeee wrote:
aww that's so sweet, i appreciate you too <33

Friends and guestbooks → add 1 og the 3 above..