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Everything else → Going to public bathrooms
student overalls and clubs...
being a teekkari and having to keep them up
Everything else → i wanna delete twitter
the moment elon touched it i was done
Everything else → baby fever
i don't think i have had a proper one, like ever. but when the first people in my age started having kids it made me think it in a different way.
still undecided whether or not i'll ever have kids
Style, fashion and beauty → skin care people????
depends on your skin and your problems
Everything else → Bullying at GoSupermodel
just the general intolerance of differing opinions is disgusting. i want to preface this with that human rights aren't something you can have an opinion on but the other stuff like.... grow the fuck up
adult people just can't seem to have a civil conversation and argue without getting into personal attacks

also you see these same people advocating for mental health and yet they launch witch hunt parties to silence everyone they can't agree with...

this is more of a problem with the internet than gsm. but it should be more punished here as well
Everything else → as a german, i find it
in germany yall also have like 2pm-4pm where the shops are closed like everyday
Relationships and love → ohmygod i love him

Relationships and love → ohmygod i love him
i woke up to a card and new earrings this morning i feel bad because i hadn't gotten anything for him as we had come to the conclusion we don't need anything but each other for valentines day.. at least we have planned something nice to do together later today but still
Everything else → are you vegan/vegetarian/
no but i am interested in being plant based.
Everything else → this is robbery!!!!!
*puts uno reverse card on the table*
Everything else → people who don't wash chicken
personally i put it in the dishwasher, can't trust the government to give us clean and gmo free food
Everything else → tw? - Whats something you want
Everything else → im a flat earther ask anything
what's the meaning of life
Everything else → anybody got their mouth free?
Thanks for reaching out.
Regarding your offer, after thorough thinking I have come to the conclusion that unfortunately my mouth is very much occupied and takes no more customers at this moment.

Wishing you the best,
Everything else → why are pills white
i had pills that were half red half yellow
also bc pills are blush color
Everything else → irrational fears
emmys wrote:
the one above your question yeah i do lose sleep over it sometimes but it comes and goes in waves, mostly if i've seen some true crime case
oh okay. just curious because i am in process of getting help for my anxiety and catasthophizing is one of the symptoms i have and it sounds just like that
not saying you have anxiety or smth there are many things that could cause it but there are plenty free resources online that can help with managing those thoughts. especially because it affects your sleep.
i'd also recommend using melatonin if it gets worse
Everything else → irrational fears
sounds like your fear is affecting your daily life. do you have anxiety about other stuff than a fire happening?
Everything else → snacks
yes its always a yes
Everything else → Women in STEM Day — Let’s chat
3leonora wrote:
that's so cool!! like what topics are you covering? <3
i'm still stuck with maths, imma need to get that done before i can specialize but i think i wanna go on the material engineering side
Everything else → Women in STEM Day — Let’s chat
i am studyin technical/applied physics