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Everything else → the sea gulls
i once saw a seagull eat another bird and i've never been the same
Everything else → am I the a**hole
i mean don't you think they secretly have it and now will be in trouble maybe?
Friends and guestbooks → Tag a goddess

Style, fashion and beauty → every goCode?
no im not using this one rn for example
Relationships and love → First letter of the boy you li
Friends and guestbooks → Frida send you a friend req...
Frida wrote:

don't let this flop i'll cry
don't cry i am here and so are my piggies
Friends and guestbooks → Frida send you a friend req...

Everything else → Please tell me
you do in fact deserve it
Everything else → are airpods worth it
idk i have some cheap LuxeRoyal airpods and i think they work amazing
Everything else → i love the 5 people
6 now im here
Style, fashion and beauty → Am I the only one on gsm
im with you
Everything else → gsm as highschool cliques
weirdly obsessed with their pets clique for the both of us

Everything else → furiously angry @victim spinac
thank you for sharing this as bad as i feel for you and the spinach, it was a fun read
Everything else → whats the name of your pet?
archie and ella
Everything else → do olives count as
idk i think so?
Everything else → Hayfever meds
Merigold wrote:
Desloratadin, no side effects so that's why I use it! Usually allergy meds make me sleepy
Everything else → Are you dia broke?
647 rn and i think the most has also been around that number
Everything else → People on here SO CRINGE
cnnikc wrote:
haha oh hi!!
Everything else → People on here SO CRINGE
i saw your forum and i think you're overreacting lol
Everything else → im so sad people are so fake
shes so fake for that