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support them
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10/10 cute and lovely
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10/10 Love it, I would wear it too
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10 It's giving nice forest fairy vibes
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Lotta. wrote:
what is it?
Everything else → HAHA this gocode
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No one can see your wardrobe
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I did

If someone wants one of the mask other than black hit me up
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The hair in white ----------->
Style, fashion and beauty → What is...
I have two "the hair" in dark brown and white.

Here is the dark brown one -------->
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5 tickets

Bought ur magazine
Relationships and love → my boyfriend cheated
I understand that you are upset

But if you can see past a kiss, was he the one in your dreams? If you want kids one day, do you believe he would have been a good father? Was he helping you with loving yourself? and help you by paying for food or stuff? Did he do favors for you without asking? Was he a good person?

If most of these questions are yes answers. You both should work it out, and then he knows he will lose you forever if he does it again.

If no, break up with him, if you believe he would do it again and hurt you even more.

You do you, we support you whatever you decide

I have been with my boyfriend for a while. We had our ups and downs, but if he came to me now, very upset for kissing a girl while he was drunk. I would accept his apology and make sure he will make up for it. That's only my opinion tho, would much rather have him confess a kiss to me rather than him having *** with someone else.
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Traded 50.000fame with trading magazines

She is safe
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Hope you have a wonderful day <33
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oh pretty! I wouldn't change anything
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scary but cool 10/10 ♡