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Style, fashion and beauty → This dress is so ugly
8 the make up scares me lmao
Style, fashion and beauty → ♥ Style me for gm pls ♥
uhh ill try
Style, fashion and beauty → Which item would you remove???
nothing I love it
Everything else → is this red flag or green flag
if he knows her longer than me beige, otherwise reeedddd

doesnt like cats
Style, fashion and beauty → ❤❤show your fit❤❤
Buy, sell and trade → Whole wardrobe 10gm
what fr
Everything else → Boyfriend rates ur fit uwu
Buy, sell and trade → (S) goPack hairs! Pirate, Mull
Everything else → do u reach wc limit
.kattekatja1? wrote:
yes, within an hour
i aspire to be you
Everything else → do u reach wc limit
I did like once although I play most of the time the full 3 hours
Buy, sell and trade → QUITTING everything 200 gm
im crying I have 51gm
Buy, sell and trade → i have 51gm
and I need some more to buy my wishlist stuff...
does anybody wants to buy stuff from me? I can check your wl or sell SG if someones interested
Buy, sell and trade → Last chance gifting! D.
I'd love the sunglasses :)
Style, fashion and beauty → whatever the new collection is
diplodocus wrote:
same i cant afford anything rn
yup same
Everything else → non-germans
Tigris wrote:
The main characters of my German textbook were names Heinz and Ulrikke, so I believe those must be common names
its midnight and im laughing out loud fr fr bout this
Buy, sell and trade → S: the gopack stuff for sg's
50 SG for the pom?
Everything else → all of us rn
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit!
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit!
10 love the angel vibes
Everything else → LOOKING for -40% off
Landimusen wrote:

Do anyone know what the limit is for WC :/