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Everything else → do i buy a new phone
Everything else → Jigsaw is hiring
because i know how to design
Everything else → funny sayings in your country
To be eaten bread
Buy, sell and trade → Selling 60 SG:s!!
Buy, sell and trade → November will gift you!
thats very nice
Buy, sell and trade → BIG wardrobe sale - ends 22:00
Help, tips and tutorials → TRANSPARENT gifs magazine
Everything else → it's the ugliest i've ever see
Everything else → I RUINED my club by thinking
Sangster wrote:
I was good at html I can't edit the first page anymore WHAT HAVE I DONE theres a big trash can on top of the menu
Remove the -> position:absolute; <- on the first line and it wont be floating around
Buy, sell and trade → Selling 23 SG
From goSupermodel team → A very colourful look
loving the pants omg
Buy, sell and trade → Selling 23 SG
Buy, sell and trade → Selling 23 SG
Taking both GM and/or Dia
Buy, sell and trade → Lets COLOR trade!
The dress. For a color I dont have It on (lmk what you have)
Everything else → boba
deppends on the tea it goes with, i like both

if its regular milk tea then tapioca
Everything else → drawing your model!!
shikisworm wrote:

sorry no animal
Aww its so cute!!
Everything else → drawing your model!!
Buy, sell and trade → selling duck gocode
Competitions and games → first person wins
Betty Boop

edit omg someone said the exact same thing on the same minute lol
Everything else → i need to ask this AGAIN
I have a lot