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Porkkuma wrote:
Everything else → ❆ truthing you BUT ❆
Buy, sell and trade → (S) your WL +wanted items
Everything else → 1000gm in the advent
Wolverine wrote:
damn i was gonna buy people gifts but now they can afford it on their own lol
Everything else → Jingel bells jingel bells
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Buy, sell and trade → (S) premium calendar
Buy, sell and trade → (S) premium calendar
Winter Corner → Instead giving 24€ to the prem
Uthgerd wrote:
I think that's a really weird take. You could also argue like that on everything. Why buy yourself chocolate, new clothes or anything that isn't vital for staying alive when there are people dying or someone who has it worse than you?
Winter Corner → So who got the prem. calendar?
Sugar wrote:
We don't even know what's in it, maybe gsm will pull through and put some nice rare unique in it to make it all worth it!
Winter Corner → why complain about the premium
Sugar wrote:
I understand the controversy on supporting the site. For me this was a small thing that really sparked joy, though, and I'm hoping for the site to be heading into a better direction
i feel the same !
Winter Corner → why complain about the premium
Peregrine wrote:
okay but a lot of us would have probably wanted to buy it
]but 24 eu is just a LOT?
it is but there has been gopacks also that expensive (i think the halloween one was 30e?) and i saw only couple of bad things about it
Winter Corner → So who got the prem. calendar?
i got it!! and im super excited about it
Winter Corner → why complain about the premium
calendar? like why are you making lists what else you can buy with the money and how its too expensive and how you can donate to charity instead etc etc

its not THAT expensive, 1 euro / day and you dont know what kind of things you can get from it, it can be super cool and worth the money so why say only bad things about it??

and the people who are saying you dont know what's in it so thats not worth it, the perk items were just like that too. you didnt know what youre going to get

idk why but i was super happy to buy the calendar and now that i see people only saying bad things its making me sad
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Premium calendar
i've seen it go around 30k
Everything else → going thrifting tomorrow
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sure! lets be friends! im anniina 21 year old (3 days and im 22 ) from finland! i LOOOVE thrifting and gaming!! (i dont want to quote my profile too much so there is other things i also love) but those two are my two obsessions

i have a cat and a dog

im also bad at DMs but im active on fmb and i hate it when i get ignored in fmb
Everything else → 1. december
Everything else → when did yall move out from ur
i started hanging out at my boyfriends' place when i was 18 but moved in with him when i was 19 so basically at 18 but formally at 19