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Everything else → Sebastian Sallow
he makes me want to join slytherin ngl
Everything else → Do you wait before responding?
same second idc
Everything else → I'm so bored nowadays on gsm
haven't been online for 2 weeks
Everything else → public psa re: skin care AYOO
love thisss I just ordered my korean skincare creams
Everything else → i used all my free uploads
Everything else → is this pic insta-worthy
Everything else → Warderobe Challenge cheating
swm wrote:
Unfortunately this is a fact. A small group of people seem determined to ruin it for everyone else...
Buy, sell and trade → selling SHOES with SOCKS !!
Everything else → i'm getting roasted
Everything else → saw someone with my old userna
Peverell wrote:
They could have had it on another server tho lmao
its a dutch username

anyway it's fine because it was a cringe name but funny to see she remembered me even the . at the end is there
Everything else → saw someone with my old userna
MagicMeike wrote:
Omg Kirsten! Didn't you have the record on wc for a week??
yes! on the dutch gsm I used to be 2nd
Everything else → saw someone with my old userna
Friet met Crisis wrote:
were you known ?? or is it a coincidence
yes on the dutch gsm
Everything else → saw someone with my old userna

feels weird that someone tries to be me is that even allowed
Help, tips and tutorials → I need tips about puppys
I got my dog 2 years ago and we've been through it all, she also had really sharp teeth and she liked to 'bite' and chew on everything, also our hands etc. But that's really because her teeth are growing and it itches her! It really helped to get her bones to chew on or other toys she is allowed to chew on.

We got her when she already knew where she was allowed to pee (outside on the grass). But if they're super young they have to pee and poop super often, like 5-10 mins after they eat or drink. Also after playing and sometimes before activities. I think we took her out for a walk every 2 hours in the first weeks
Everything else → do we get new items
Style, fashion and beauty → show me your OUTFIT
Everything else → dry january
Sangster wrote:
I’m doing a reverse dry-january

I’m drinking 11 months of alcohol in just 1 month, and then be sober afterwards
i like this concept
Everything else → dry january
Aurora_ wrote:
I'm literally chronically stressed-out atm its horrible
that's the worst :(( how many weeks do you have left?
Everything else → dry january
Aurora_ wrote:
Nope, jan exam-season for me gotta take the edge of the stress
can totally imagine that
Everything else → dry january
Aake wrote:
I guess by default I am. I don't drink, have never tried alcohol and I intend on keeping it like that
That's so good tbh