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Buy, sell and trade → checking ur WL
Everything else → !!!!!! NEW VIP OUTFIT!!! woah
Everything else → Yall have a problem
Tell me more specific what my problem is and why I should go to sleep...
Everything else → IM POOR
not poor but not rich, not playing anymore soo soon I will be poor I guess...
Everything else → Coffee and morningchat!
Emilicious wrote:
I don't really have any plans for today, do you have suggestions for nice sunday activities? O:)
Cook all the food for the week maybe
Everything else → Coffee and morningchat!
Plans for today is to clean up the last shit here before the inspection of my apartment on wednesday and maybe go see avatar but idk
Everything else → the idea of drinking coffee
I like coffe, warm and cold
Everything else → going to a spa
kloroformityyny wrote:
maybe hide the string between your flip flops
haha flip flops LOL
Everything else → do yall got fans on gsm
No I don´t think so
Everything else → i hate my biological clock
Cut down on screen time, take a walk, melatonin.
Everything else → what does your username mean
Help, tips and tutorials → Level up!
Everything else → grief?
Let yourself feel whatever you feel, talk with the ones you feel comfortable and let the process take it´s time. But keep doing your everyday life. If it dosent get easier after some time go see someone to talk with.
Everything else → Breakfast ideas!
I have a smoothie with big white beans, oat milk, peanutbutter and banana. Maybe a pinch of salt. Really filling...
Everything else → Breakfast ideas!
Hm, smoothie maybe. Boiled eggs?
Everything else → Breakfast ideas!
Just make some lunch for breakfast
Everything else → Stress
Take help.
Everything else → why i HATE pepsi
Abderittisk wrote:
Nice and creamyyy
Everything else → why i HATE pepsi
My favorite is to microwave pepsi with marshmallows and some cacao
Everything else → should i buy vip