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Do u live in a Mr Bean movie or something WHAT
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Remove it for users off VPNs who are using different IPs!
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Wait that's super hot.....
Everything else → why are u online at this hour
It's 22:00 and I'm about to log off and head to bed cause I'm in the middle of busy busy busy season in uni.
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Javert wrote:
Did you ever read Wheel of Time? Brandon Sanderson wrote the final 2 books for that series after the OG author's passing!

Have you read Naomi Novik? She has amazing dragon series called "His Majesty's Dragon" which I absolutely adore!
I've meant to start it for the longest time - I just keep getting distracted like a silly billy! I have the first book in hardback with the beautiful retro cover and I'm just in love

I actually read her book Spinning Silver, I quite liked it!! I'll definitely add it to my TBR!! I'm audioing Project Hail Mary right now after finishing House in the Cerulean Sea (I loved it but it also ached a bit to read as a former CPS kid), I have a couple of physical books I'm supposed to be reading but I'm in the middle of finals and postgrad applications so reading for leisure has stopped a bit
Everything else → Something seems different..
Phobia wrote:
Omg mother is mothering
Everything else → Something seems different..
Everything else → I finally reached my goal!!
Write an "I hacked admin?!" story as a serialized magazine and become the biggest magazine publisher on the site
Friends and guestbooks → Sylphrena's Message Book
Javert wrote:
Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE epic fantasy books! What are your favourite ones?
Oh yay!! Epic fantasy is the best!

I'm a big fan of Brandon Sanderson (my model name is a character from his books), I liked ASOIAF also but curse GRRM for never ever finishing the series (), I read Patricia A. McKillip's The Forgotten Beasts of Eld and it was one of the most wonderful books I ever read, because it was truly like reading a new folk story and I've always been obsessed with folk stories since I was a toddler! I've got a lot of her books so I want to read more this year!

I'm also trying to get into sci fi more this year so that's kind of exciting, it's a new genre for me
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GenZ wrote:
I messaged them privately about the situation!
Great - I'm happy you're resolving it
Everything else → im in JApan
DICEGUY wrote:
sorry i cant be you
You wouldn't be the first JKJK

When did you land?
Everything else → im in JApan
I'm in Japan every day wdym
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Vitaniuz wrote:
Ooohh lmao, I meant the actual generation, not you I didn´t even think of your username when I wrote that
Oop- you beat me to it!
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Vitaniuz wrote:
What?.... How did I attack you? I literally agreed how ridicilous this is?
I think there might have been a miscommunication - you mentioned Gen Z in a previous post where I think you meant the generation and not the user. Think maybe that's where things got confused?
Everything else → Your opinion on this
Depends how they do it, if its an animated display of disgust then I think it should be disavowed, because it typically just enhances ideas of "look at people from other places, they are so strange and incomprehensible"

If it's a display of disgust that comes across as honest, as in someone genuinely trying something but just not liking it, but still being respectful of it, I think is totally fine and important.
Your ideas → Idea: Break Badge
PantherDina wrote:
I love this idea! This would be so much clearer for everyone!
Thank you!!

I think so too - it's important that the website and the way in which it operates recognizes that the volunteers are important as individuals - also to the userbase
Your ideas → Idea: Break Badge
Chizumi wrote:
I'll send it to staff
Thank you so much
Your ideas → Idea: Break Badge
Javert wrote:
Yes, absolutely agree! Let's see if I can get some fgs here :P
THANK YOU I'll tag some too

Everything else → 1 year sober and clean today!!
That is beyond amazing!!! I'm so proud of you, this is a MASSIVE accomplishment!!

No matter how the path winds onwards, you're strong and amazing, and you'll find your way to where you want to be
Everything else → the security update is good in
Cheating the system fr