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Everything else → ted kaczynski died
Locking as glorifying murderers and acts of violence is not ok.
Everything else → he’s a 9 but he likes diapers
As this can be viewed as kinkshaming, I'm locking this topic. Shaming kinks is not OK.
Club forum: Public → Recommend moderators
you guys are so active and there are so so many good candidates!
Everything else → was there ever gsm mobile web
yes, it even had games o.o
Everything else → omg my neighbors
must think i'm an idiot

i have floor to ceiling windows and my desk where i am currently sitting in just my underwear and there is a party outside i didn't even think of it but now i do
Everything else → whats ur biggest gsm flex
METAL wrote:
i was about to say...
this is another flex, i said it first

Everything else → whats ur biggest gsm flex
mine is i can time you out
Friends and guestbooks → Do you send friend requests
Changed the title for you
Everything else → your job vs your partners
My fiance is a political scientist working with refugees, I'm a kindergarten teacher.
Everything else → i got a job
Everything else → I just joined
There will probably be new items this weekend or next week Welcome to our little community!
Everything else → who remembers this look
tbh you always serve!

Everything else → Endometriosis
Get a second opinion or go to a gynecologist, endometriosis can be rather serious, and really painful if left untreated.
Everything else → Go
I have to drink my tea first.
Everything else → whats up with minorities that
There are a lot of mechanisms coming into play. for one it's easier to kick down, rather than up, if you need to elevate your own position. Allying yourself with a stronger force might also be viewed as necessary for some to get to where they wish to be. We should be careful talking about minorities in general, though, as this is not a unique feature to minorities, it's basically a natural way of acting for most people who want to achieve something.

It's also easier to be vocal about differences in treatment when someone of a "standing as low as ones own" gets something you don't but have asked for.
Everything else → gSm is a cash grab
True, there are features in the game meant to be profitable for gSm. They have people on their payroll, which is natural, and to be able to pay their salary they haveto turn a profit from their games. We cna like it, we can dislike it, but to keep gSm up and running it is necessary.

if you have feedback as to how to improve on it, you should reach out to the focus group or thorugh the support mail as well, so the staff and developers are made aware of the wishes you have
Everything else → is asexuality
I'm locking this thread, as undermining and invalidating other peoples sexuality is not ok. We should strive to be inclusive, and accepting of peoples differences.
Relationships and love → Do you tease/bother
Hi. I changed the title as it can be misleading iwth regards to what you actually mean! <3
Friends and guestbooks → ur golden flower!!!!
we became mods together

Competitions and games → Win the word