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pretty okay but have you seen the episode lust fat homer from the show the simpsons :D
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Buy, sell and trade → (s) vip days
can i buy 20 days for sg?
Buy, sell and trade → S: chicken dresses
Everything else → making a tattoo today
ooooh that's so prettyyy, good luck
Style, fashion and beauty → signature scent

(sorry it's actually bruno banani magnetic woman)
Everything else → omg LISUUUU
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Petikor shoes
Kvywen wrote:
I dont know their worth, like 350gm?
sure, i'll send a trade!
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Petikor shoes
Kvywen wrote:
I looking for these boots, lemme know your price
i have them, what do you wanna pay?
Everything else → should i get lash extensions
do it

or if you're broke like me, buy a glue, sealer and some lashes and do them yourself
Buy, sell and trade → (S) Vip-Days
sent a trade
Buy, sell and trade → THE HAIR in platinum 4free
Everything else → Send an email, get gocodes⭐️
i’d like a card
Buy, sell and trade → [S] my wardrobe ♡
sent a trade, feel free to refuse if it's not enough :--)
Buy, sell and trade → (S) EVERYTHING 40 gm ⭐
Buy, sell and trade → Sending wishlist trades!
Everything else → do you ever get anxious
during an eye exam because you start to question your own vision and wonder are you somehow cheating on the exam & are you actually just pretending to have a worse vision than you actually have

or is it just me?
Buy, sell and trade → Buying SGs!
sent you a message
Buy, sell and trade → (S) dias
sent a trade
Everything else → Tag ur funniest friend
Leia wrote:
For sure.
omg i'm honored
Everything else → embrace tradition
i'm weak coffee makes my tummy hurt
Everything else → i want to change my whole
Vibes269 wrote:
something gothic or subversive I've seen it called (distressed look, earthy colors mostly maybe), barbiecore, fairycore, depends on your style

dye your hair a scary way. I dyed mine black with pink stripes in layers underneath that peeks out when hanging loosely or tied up high
oooooh your hair sounds so cool

i've done so many dumb things with my hair that nothing scares me anymore