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Everything else → speaking norwegian
idk why, but we do say "do a spanish one" when you take the easy way, and kinda wrong way to do something.
like turning your car in the middle of the road instead of driving a place where ur able to turn
superhirvi wrote:
julien is a national aries treasure. dont except every aries to be as perfect and pure as he is. he is just the mascot
i want him

not joking, when im dating someone i always try to find out their zodiac first and lowkey hoping they are aries, like it even would make a difference haha
Everything else → it is biphobic if
gabriella177 wrote:
lmao i argued here with someone who thought that "not to be rude but.." fixed everything you say afterwards and it just means that you are not trying to hurt them?????????? and they used it to say the most transphobic shit
haha fr my toxic friend used to say that, and when i reacted they would just say "chill no need to be so dramatic, im just tryna be friendly, ill just remember to not talk to u because ur so sensitive"
like damn
Everything else → it is biphobic if
Wonderstruck wrote:
Please don't take it personal, but I love your outfit
and i took that extremely personal.. thank u u
ngl i want an aries man or woman in my life
especially someone who has julien solomita vibes
Everything else → it is biphobic if
its giving "not to be rude, but..." then says the rudest shit.
or "dont take this personal, but..." then personally attack them.
Everything else → Is it biphobic if
in my experience gay men are more biphobic than straight girls when it comes to dating (im a bi man)
Everything else → Travel to the Azores
i really wanna go there, its on my list
Everything else → Scandinavian ppl I have a Ques
Irrbloss wrote:
As a Swede i understand spoken Norwegian fairly well, but it depends on the dialect. Further south is easier, Oslo is pretty much 100%. Spoken Danish, not really. If I listen carefully and hear Danish for a long time it gets easier, but never as easy as Norwegian. Written Danish is easier than written Norwegian, but I understand both.
im same with swedish, i can understand some dialects better, like im from bergen and people from skåne have the same "R" sound, so for some reason i find them super easy to understand, the rest is understandable except some random words.
danish i can read very easily, but i have to really concentrate to understand
Everything else → Scandinavian ppl I have a Ques
oh and yes, i listen to mostly swedish music, i like BELL, veronica maggio and many more, but there is one danish artist i listen to, tobias rahim
Everything else → Scandinavian ppl I have a Ques
sometimes when traveling because weirdly enough some people have never heard of norwegians, but have heard of scandinavians
Everything else → sending 10 days of vip to u
ill try but u will prob hate my style
Everything else → when he's cute but.....
when he cute, but he eats like a 4 year old.
Everything else → Did you ever skip school
i skipped school everyday last year of high school because i hated my class, ended up taking the year off and started in new class, never missed a day, even the teacher said he hated my other class
Everything else → Do I look rich?
yess richh
Buy, sell and trade → LF Gospecials Jacket
Avance wrote:

Anyone selling?
ill sell it for 50k
Buy, sell and trade → [S] Brain - maybe?
Cinnamon wrote:
I dont know why I'm like this
same i was gonna save not spend my gm
Buy, sell and trade → [S] Brain - maybe?
el hopaness romtic wrote:
this fit is slappin
aw tysm
Buy, sell and trade → [S] Brain - maybe?
Cinnamon wrote:
Because I have no impulse control
hha literally me, i bought 2 dresses woops
Buy, sell and trade → Selling GoSpecial dress