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Everything else → Describe ur day with one word
Everything else → if gsm would put 'being a mod'
No i would be against it
Everything else → ⚠️ BeReal
Watching youtube
Everything else → Ask the neighbour /Go to store
Okay update he brought me tissues, toilet paper and a carrot for my guinea pigs and then he cuddled with me in the bed so it worked out great
Everything else → You can only pick ONE
Jungle for sure

I love safari the most but ive done it the most as well
Everything else → toxic trait gsm
Playing gsm while working and not in my spare time
Everything else → Its never too late
Not at all honestly, I always wait for the banner on the homepage or a topic about it
Everything else → Ask the neighbour /Go to store
Ivy wrote:
is it for your spider
what do they eat
Spider & geckos both

But my spider cant eat this month he is obese, so mostly geckos
Everything else → Ask the neighbour /Go to store
Ivy wrote:
not the crickets
Well thats a certainty, very tasty

@ Oooo great ideas
Everything else → Ask the neighbour /Go to store
Stardust wrote:
I mean him proposing to make you soup is more work than him picking up something for you at the store, so I would take his offer. He knows you're sick, and it's not like he will only ever seen you in your current state, since he is a) your neighbor and b) you already talk.

Hope you feel better soon. :)
Okay you are right I should text him!!!!! fck

thanks guys!!!
Everything else → Ask the neighbour /Go to store
I lick your icecream wrote:
But what if you need toilet rolls because you've get diarrhea
Oof i hope not!!!
Everything else → last time u ate an apple?
February I think
Everything else → Ask the neighbour /Go to store
Okay I am kinda sick, like having a really bad cold. I have already used up two whole toilet rolls when blowing my nose and I only have 0.5 left.

Should I go to the store even though I can hardly breath and I need to sneeze every 10 seconds

Or should I text my neighbour who already proposed to make me soup, but I still wanna get him into bed so I actually don't want him to see me look this bad and ill. I feel kinda embarrassed

Or I pray that this 0.5 roll will be enough for the rest of the day and night, cuz tomorrow I HAVE to get out because I need to buy crickets for my pets anyways
Everything else → do u have red flags
Blaming the other person for doing stuff i dont have the time for

But now that im aware of it, I dont anymore though, used to do this with my ex
Everything else → if you're happy and you know
In general yes

At the moment no im sick
Everything else → who should be in the focus gro
Sangster wrote:
so u can finally have another distraction instead of hell!!!!!!
Hahahhaa so true
Everything else → Can you watch the music vid
of Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown

(Lots of spiders on her body in the clip)
Everything else → If the pandemic never happened
I think it would be exactly the same for me
Style, fashion and beauty → Giving away all DIAMOND items
Thank you!!

Hope that everyone will enjoy their weekend
Everything else → Did your political views
nop, i still hate people and love animals

still nothing good for me

Edit: I have never voted for the same one twice though so constantly changing